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Take Action: Include Money for Climate Action
in the San Francisco General Fund

In Mayor Breed's proposed $14 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year, zero dollars were directly allocated to the San Francisco Department of the Environment to fund the Climate Action Plan.

Take action with Friends of the Urban Forest and sign a petition, write emails, and make calls to your supervisor before Friday June 24 and ask them to allocate the funds needed to combat climate change.

this takes less than a minute.

click to see phone numbers, emails, and a script to call or email your supervisor.

Last year, Mayor Breed proudly unveiled San Francisco's new Climate Action Plan, created in tandem with the Department of the Environment. When it came time to draft the budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the Department of the Environment requested $3.2 million this year (part of a requested $11 million over the next few years) to follow through on the Climate Action Plan's net-zero targets.


In Mayor Breed's proposed $14 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year, zero dollars were directly allocated to the Dept. of the Environment for climate action, and insufficient funds were allocated to grow our tree canopy. So far, the Mayor is not funding her own Climate Action Plan. Local community groups, including Friends of the Urban Forest, are calling for additional funding to eliminate fossil fuels, protect vulnerable communities from sea-level rise, and increase San Francisco's canopy coverage.

It is clear that San Francisco is in a climate crisis. Wildfires have sent city air quality indexes soaring into the high 200s, canceling school and work days. And according to the SF Planning Dept., sea-level rise puts more than 37,000 residents and 170,000 jobs at risk. We need climate action now.

Take action with us! Mayor Breed's budget proposal needs to get confirmed and can get amended by the Board of Supervisors before the final version is confirmed in July. Lobby your supervisors before Friday June 24.

Tell Your Supervisors

before June 24

District 1: Connie Chan | 415-554-7410 |

District 2: Catherine Stefani | 415-554-7752 |

District 3: Aaron Peskin | 415-554-7450 |

District 4: Gordon Mar | 415-554-7460 |

District 5: Dean Preston | 415-554-7630 |

District 6: Matt Dorsey | 415-554-7970 |

District 7: Myrna Melgar | 415-554-6516 |

District 8: Rafael Mandelman | 415-554-6968 |

District 9: Hillary Ronen | 415-554-5144 |

District 10: Shamann Walton | 415-554-7670 |

District 11: Ahsha Safai | 415-554-6975 |

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