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We're giving free native trees and fruit trees to eligible* San Francisco residents to plant in their yards and gardens.

We launched an Adopt-A-Yard-Tree program in response to numerous requests for native trees and fruit trees by the communities we serve. Many of these trees are better suited to yards, which give them more room and better conditions to grow strong.

The purposes of this program are to:

  • strengthen vulnerable neighborhoods against the impacts of a changing climate;

  • improve the overall health of San Francisco residents;

  • increase native tree canopy, which serves as a natural habitat for native wildlife and pollinators; and

  • grow fruit trees to increase community food security and resilience.

Tree Planting

We’re distributing the trees in partnership with organizations in eligible communities, including Wu Yee Children’s Services, Bayview Community Hub, GM Consulting Group, and others

** Please note that we've already received more requests for trees than our current grant can fulfill. We are seeking new grants to meet the demand of all eligible residents. When we receive additional funding for the program, we will invite eligible residents to fill out our Adopt-A-Yard-Tree Interest Form. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Social Media for regular updates. 

If you've already signed up for a yard tree, please keep an eye out for our emails! We'll inform you of the next tree giveaway event. We plan to have one a month till June 2023.


Questions: Email

This program is made possible by a $50,000 Community Resilience Grant from Bank of America and the Arbor Day Foundation and by a grant from the Urban & Community Forestry Program of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

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