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We care for the trees we plant for the first three years to encourage healthy growth and a strong structure, supporting more than 3,000 young street trees annually.


We water 1,000 trees every week on behalf of the city.


Our Tree Care crew and volunteers provide each of our trees with:

  • A post-planting check-up and 2 or 3 scheduled pruning visits to each tree

  • Emergency tree care to stabilize and support our young trees

  • Advice on young tree maintenance to San Francisco residents

To request care or maintenance for a tree we planted, please contact us via this form​:

If you are unable to complete the form, you can reach our Tree Care team at 415-268-0775. Please clearly state the nearest adjacent address to the tree you are calling about.



Our crew of watering technicians help our growing trees establish by:

  • Watering each new tree on the day of planting

  • Watering 1000 trees weekly on our watering route! (Public Works water the rest of the trees).

  • Assist with minor hardware maintenance and water bag replacements

  •  Alert the Tree Care team of maintenance needs

Have questions about our tree planting and tree care programs?

Public Works takes over the care for older trees.

When the trees we plant turn three years old, maintenance responsibility transfers to Public Works.  Please contact Public Works by calling 311 from the 415 area code or submit an online request, if you are seeking care for a street tree that:

  • is older than three years

  • is taller than fifteen feet

  • or doesn't have a Friends of the Urban Forest stickers on brackets

For general questions about the City of San Francisco’s tree care program, mature tree maintenance, or tree removals, please refer to their webpage


NOTE: If you hire an arborist to care for a street tree adjacent to your property, you must first notify the City. Please check their website for more information or email before hiring a private tree care professional

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