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Get your hands in the dirt!

Join us in activities like tree planting, pruning, and sidewalk gardening.



  • Growing and caring for our urban forest is one of the most effective actions you can take to fight climate change and create environmental and health benefits for our city.

  • Volunteering with others in the community is a fun and social way to contribute to a worthy cause.

  • ​Volunteers tell us it brings them lasting joy and satisfaction to see the trees and sidewalk gardens they planted grow and flourish over time.​


We plant trees, install sidewalk gardens, and make tree care visits year-round in a variety of neighborhoods. Our planting events generally run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m on Saturdays. 


Tree Planting: Led by our staff and volunteer Planting Leaders, volunteers assist in planting 5 to 7 trees at each event.


Sidewalk Garden: Led by our staff, volunteers prepare the sidewalk and plant 8 to 10 native plants.

Tree Care: Volunteers work with our staff to assess the health of the trees, ensure that supporting stakes and ties are sound, and prune the trees as needed. 


Other: We also recruit volunteers for outreach and advocacy. 


Corporate workdays are a fun opportunity for groups to engage in team-building and fulfill corporate social responsibility goals while benefiting the environment.

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