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Our workforce development program offers youth and adults the opportunity to steward the urban landscape while developing job skills to thrive in their careers


The Green Teens program is one of the few paid urban forestry vocational skills training programs that provide opportunity and mentorship to youth in San Francisco, ages 14-19, interested in first-time work experience and pursuing careers in the environmental field

Program Details

The Green Teens gain experience in tree care, tree planting, landscaping, and professional development. They also learn long-term employability and life skills, attending workshops in resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, financial literacy, and nutrition.


We hold three sessions of the Green Teens program:

  • Fall Session: meets every Saturday from mid-September to mid-December.

  • Spring session: meets every Saturday, mid-February to mid-April.

  • Summer session: meets Wednesday-Saturday, from mid-June to mid-August.

Participants can join for up to four sessions, during which they earn performance-based promotions. Youth who have completed two sessions of Green Teens may apply to become a Green Teens Leader to further their skills and become mentors to the cohort. Green Teens Leaders earn higher pay and have more responsibilities, including leading and managing their own working groups

A typical workday may include:

  • Planting at community events.

  • Learning about and participating in our Tree Care program

  • Meeting with professionals such as certified arborists and landscapers.

  • Field trips to learn more about the environment to the San Francisco Botanical Garden, California Academy of Sciences, Recology, and the San Francisco Public Utility Commission’s wastewater treatment plant.

  • Hiking on a local trail.

We have worked with over 900 youth since the program started in 1995.

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