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 Volunteer Attendance Policy


Policy Overview:

At Friends of the Urban Forest, we highly value the dedication and commitment of our volunteers in contributing to our mission. To ensure the smooth execution of our volunteer activities and to respect the time and effort of both volunteers and the beneficiaries of our programs, we've established a Volunteer Attendance Policy. 

This Volunteer Attendance Policy is designed to encourage reliability and discourage no-shows - - when someone signs up to volunteer to support an activity but does not show up or participate - thereby maximizing the impact of our collective efforts.

Policy Guidelines:

Commitment and Reliability: 

Volunteers are expected to honor their commitments and check-in on time for the volunteer event they have signed up for. We also expect them to stay for the entire volunteer shift, as indicated in the volunteer event description. 


If a volunteer is unable to attend the volunteer event or fulfill their commitment, they must communicate this to Friends of the Urban Forest team as soon as possible, preferably 3 days before the event, allowing for ample time for us to find a replacement. We understand that sometimes there may be a need for last-minute cancellations, and we request that volunteers email at least one day before.


Consequences for No-shows:

A no-show is defined as failing to attend a scheduled volunteer event without providing advance notice. If an individual is absent from a volunteer opportunity and has not given at least 24-hour notice, it will be considered a no-show.


Volunteers who accumulate a certain number of no-shows within a specified period may face consequences, such as temporary suspension from volunteering opportunities or a review of their continued eligibility as a volunteer.

First No-Show Check-in:

After a first no-show, the individual will receive a check-in email demonstrating that we noted their sign-up and subsequent absence, and reiterating the importance of upholding the commitment to volunteer made when they signed up for an opportunity. 


Second No-Show Warning:

In the event of two consecutive no-shows, where a volunteer signs up for an event but does not attend or give us prior notice, they will receive a warning. This warning is intended to serve as a reminder that signing up for a volunteer opportunity is a commitment that needs to be taken seriously.

Third No-Show Ban:

A third instance of not showing up for a volunteer event will lead to a 1-month suspension from signing up for volunteer opportunities with Friends of the Urban Forest. The suspension period will be determined and communicated by Friends of the Urban Forest and will typically be 1 month (2 events). During this suspension period, you will not be able to participate in any of our volunteer activities.

Appealing a Ban:

Volunteers who believe they have a valid reason for a no-show may appeal the consequences by providing a written explanation to Appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the nature of the situation and the impact on the organization.

 ​Thank you for your dedication to Friends of the Urban Forest, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this policy. Friends of the Urban Forest reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis in extenuating circumstances. We believe this policy will help ensure high commitment and reliability from our volunteers while promoting a positive and supportive volunteer environment.

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