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Washington Thorn

Crataegus phaenopyrum



Height: 25'; Spread: 20'


Round form; light canopy.


Dark green, serrated, lobbed leaves, 2-3" long. Fall foliage is yellow to orange to bright scarlet; tree is bare November - February.


White flowers, 1/2" across, hang in clusters 2-3" long, bloom March - May. 


Bright red berries form in fall and drop in winter. 


Rough, brown bark with slender 1-3" long thorns on branches. 

Tree Care:

Moderate. Requires regular pruning to establish and maintain central leader and to train a good shape, and removal of suckers. Can require pest control. You may wish to cut off thorns from lower branches to prevent injuries.

Watering Needs:

Special Considerations:

Prefers sun and warmth. Does not tolerate strong winds, but is more tolerant of wind than C. laevigatum, English hawthorn. 

Native Range & Notable Traits:

Native to southeastern US. Attractive changing display all year long, reflects seasonal changes. Attracts birds.

More Information:

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